Service Clubs spread the spirit of Christmas

Churchill Lions Club

It’s almost Christmas time and nothing says Christmas more than the Lions Christmas trees and the Lions Christmas cakes! Already our busy and dedicated Lions members have been out starting to harvest the Christmas trees for sale that are so popular every year. Every house needs one and we hope to have them available as usual at the United Service Station in Churchill, selling at $40 each. Then of course there are the Lions Christmas cakes, these are so popular that they literally sell like hot cakes and at only $17.00 each, as fast as we replenish them, they again sell out! If you don’t have one you might just miss out, as at the time of writing this there was just a few left at the Post Offi ce and the Health Centre. Lions Christmas cakes are not only incredibly tasty, but make fantastic gifts and they can be kept in the cupboard for other special times throughout the year. Continued page 7


Hazelwood Rotary Club

Hazelwood Rotary willco-ordinate the ever popular2020 ChristmasWrap at Mid Valley –through until ChristmasEve. Funds raised will bedistributed amongst variouscommunity organisations.Gifts of everyconceivable shape and sizeare able to be wrapped inexchange for a donation.The wrap has been goingfor over 18 years, raisingthousands of dollars alongthe way.The Hazelwood RotaryClub – Mid Valley annualChristmas Wrap is now anation-wide fi xture on all ourcalendars.As a sign of confi denceand pride, Hazelwood Rotarymember, Margaret Palmerwas last year selected todrive children and adultsaround Mid Valley in theirChristmas festive train.Congratulations toMargaret for doing amarvellous job as well ashighlighting the communitylink between Rotary and awider community.As the picture shows,adults from overseas weredrawn to sharing this periodof fun, happiness andcelebrations for everyone.Wrapping will begin onFriday November 27, and beconducted every day up toand including Christmas Eve,Thursday December 24.Hazelwood Rotary willhave their wrapping standin the large central area nearwhere Target previously waslocated. This will be verysimilar to previous years.Thanks to Mid ValleyCentre Management forassisting over all the 18years to provide valuablespace for such a worthwhilecommunity project


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