Australia Day Awards - Churchill

Churchill Aust Day Awards 2021

The Lions Club of Churchill and District President Reg Grissotto, welcomed everyone to the Churchill Town Hall where the Australia Day awards were held this year due to the very wet conditions. It is the first time in the history of these awards that it has rained.

A sign in sheet was sent around to observe COVID restrictions.

Darrell White was invited to give the welcome to country. Following this the Scouts pretended to do a flag raising while our National Anthem was sung.

Cathie Halliwell, part time supply minter for the Co-Operating Churches, led the gathering in a prayer for the day and the future.

Each of the award recipients was called forth by Bob Lowick MC for the occasion, and their merits for the award presented.

Adapting quickly to the changed conditions, the Lions cooked the breakfast in their shed and brought it to the hall for the completion of the event. President Reg quickly organised the tables and the food was brought in. The food was well received. A special thank you must be given to the lady who helped with setting up the hall for the event and made sure cleaning and clearing up was completed. Also thanks go to the two first aiders in attendance.

It was a very happy occasion despite the weather and the quick change of venue, with family celebrations and catching up with those we know.

Mayor Sharon Gibson was invited to introduce the Citizen of the Year. She spoke not only from the notes supplied but also from her personal experiences of working on Council with Darrell White.


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