Article Submission guidelines

All articles must be submitted by the 25th of each month for publication in the middle of the following month. We appreciate that like us, you have a busy schedule, and are therefore willing to reserve space for 500 words only, if the article is late by 1-2 days, so we are aware it is being submitted.
If you are submitting articles and letters, please send a Microsoft Word document (12pt font, no formatting, single line spacing) to:

The Editor
Churchill & District News
PO Box 243,
Churchill Vic 3842

Tel: 0456 786 577

Deadlines and Submission Dates for 2024

IssueSubmission Dates ByPublication Dates
February Thursday 25 January Wednesday 21 February
March Sunday 25 February Wednesday 20 March
April Monday 25 March Wednesday 17 April
May Thursday 25 April Wednesday 22 May
June Saturday 25 May Wednesday 19 June
July Tuesday 25 June Wednesday 17 July
August Thursday 25 July Wednesday 21 August
September Sunday 25 August Wednesday 18 September
October Wednesday 25 September Wednesday 23 October
November Friday 25 October Wednesday 20 November
December Monday 25 November Wednesday 18 December

Guidelines for Submission of Media

Memory Stick

Please attach name and contact details of the sender and arrange for its return

CDs and DVDs

Please label CD / DVD clearly.
A CD / DVD will not normally be returned unless specifically requested and cost of postage met by the organsation submitting the article

Hard Copy

Typed or hand written articles will be accepted as long as they are legible and have a name, address and telephone number attached. Articles can be mailed to: 

Churchill and District News
PO Box 243
Churchill 3842

Or left at one of our drop off boxes at:
Churchill Post Office
Co-Operating Church (Eastern Side Door)
1 Williams Avenue, Churchill
Articles will not normally be returned unless specifically requested and a SAE supplied.


Photographs are a very important part of the newspaper. They add interest, highlight stories and attract readers to accompanying stories.

Photographs can be electronically as JPG files or as an original photograph.

All photographs should be clearly labeled with name of the event or place and names of people in the photograph.
Written permission must be given for photographs of children under 18.

Photographs on Email, CD, or Memory Stick

All photographs must be submitted separately i.e. they must NOT be submitted in a Word or Publisher document. If they are submitted in Word or Publisher document they will not be used.

Photographs should be a minimum of 200dpi

Original Photographs

Photocopies will not be accepted.
Original photographs must be clearly labeled.
Please do submit photographs with the date on the photograph itself.

Photographs will not normally be returned unless specifically requested and a SAE supplied.

Advertising information

For more information regarding advertising in the Churchill & District News, please see the Advertising and Publication Information page

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