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Looking Back

Articles on the history of the Churchill/Hazelwood district, mostly by Leo Billington Visit page ...

Hazelwood Cemetery

Articles based around Hazelwood Cemetary Visit page ...

Other History

Other articles to do with the history of our region Visit page ...


Many (all ?) of CDN editions contain "flashbacks" to previous editions - here are a few featured samples Visit page ...


Looking Back ~ Volume 1


  • 'designed for the future...'
  • Building Churchill
  • Churchill As I Recall It
  • I shall pass through here but once.... 
  • Kids tied the town together 
  • Life in the Old Farmhouse 
  • Its Not A Normal Town The Koedijks - the Milkies  
  • Rattle of the Billycarts
  • Isabel Leeson: Churchill Primary School's First Cleaner
  • Churchill Primary School: the Beginnings
  • Early Days of Hazelwood Power Station
  • Contest of Camelias as Churchill Turned Green
  • A Clean and New Town
  • Lydia was a 'Stirrer'
  • 'Oh there's Mrs. 96 Howard Avenue!': A Short History of Churchill Authorised News Agency
  • Days Not Forgotten


Looking Back ~ Volume 2



  • The Birth of Churchill
  • Neil Terril O.A.M... his story
  • My Story
  • Working from Dawn to Dusk
  • Antoinette (Nettie) Myer - Her Life
  • 'Don't take the job.  That place is going nowhere!'
  • 'Everybody milked cows'
  • Bert Penco: From Fiume to Churchill
  • Ray and Barbara Beebe
  • Dancing at Jeeralang North Hall
  • Keith Hamilton: First Churchillian Shire President
  • The Exacto Factory
  • Memoirs
  • The History of Billy's Creek
  • A Churchill Icon
  • History of an Art School
  • When McDonald Way was a Huge Clay Pan


Looking Back ~ Volume 3


  • Before Churchill
  • From Holland to Hazelwood 
  • A Passion for Farming: The Story of the Hall Family
  • In Coversation with Kay and Tony Radford
  • An Extraordinary Life: Mary Austin's Story
  • Hardware and Caravan Parks
  • Churchill Shopping Centre
  • The Story Behind Walsh's Road
  • Farming Then and Now
  • Briquettes Same Day Delivery
  • Natalie and Charlie Roy
  • When the Soldiers Came



Looking Back ~ Volume Four


  • Winston Churchill
  • Answerth
  • Beechey
  • Coleman
  • Cranwell
  • Doherty
  • Heesom
  • Holt
  • McFarlane
  • McShane
  • Myers
  • Rowley
  • Sargeson
  • Scott
  • Stratford
  • Van Rossum
  • Walsh


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