Looking Back - Recent Articles

 (Relatively) recently published "Looking Back" Articles in C&D News

Looking Back ~ Volume 1



  • 'designed for the future...'
  • Building Churchill
  • Churchill As I Recall It
  • I shall pass through here but once.... 
  • Kids tied the town together 
  • Life in the Old Farmhouse 
  • Its Not A Normal Town The Koedijks - the Milkies  
  • Rattle of the Billycarts
  • Isabel Leeson: Churchill Primary School's First Cleaner
  • Churchill Primary School: the Beginnings
  • Early Days of Hazelwood Power Station
  • Contest of Camelias as Churchill Turned Green
  • A Clean and New Town
  • Lydia was a 'Stirrer'
  • 'Oh there's Mrs. 96 Howard Avenue!': A Short History of Churchill Authorised News Agency
  • Days Not Forgotten


Looking Back ~ Volume 2



  • The Birth of Churchill
  • Neil Terril O.A.M... his story
  • My Story
  • Working from Dawn to Dusk
  • Antoinette (Nettie) Myer - Her Life
  • 'Don't take the job.  That place is going nowhere!'
  • 'Everybody milked cows'
  • Bert Penco: From Fiume to Churchill
  • Ray and Barbara Beebe
  • Dancing at Jeeralang North Hall
  • Keith Hamilton: First Churchillian Shire President
  • The Exacto Factory
  • Memoirs
  • The History of Billy's Creek
  • A Churchill Icon
  • History of an Art School
  • When McDonald Way was a Huge Clay Pan


Looking Back ~ Volume 3


  • Before Churchill
  • From Holland to Hazelwood 
  • A Passion for Farming: The Story of the Hall Family
  • In Coversation with Kay and Tony Radford
  • An Extraordinary Life: Mary Austin's Story
  • Hardware and Caravan Parks
  • Churchill Shopping Centre
  • The Story Behind Walsh's Road
  • Farming Then and Now
  • Briquettes Same Day Delivery
  • Natalie and Charlie Roy
  • When the Soldiers Came



Looking Back ~ Volume Four


  • Winston Churchill
  • Answerth
  • Beechey
  • Coleman
  • Cranwell
  • Doherty
  • Heesom
  • Holt
  • McFarlane
  • McShane
  • Myers
  • Rowley
  • Sargeson
  • Scott
  • Stratford
  • Van Rossum
  • Walsh


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