Community Newspaper Association of Victoria Awards

2021 has been the year of extreme weather events from which we are still recovering.

C&DN Award Certificate

Churchill & District News entered the Community Newspaper of Victoria award program, and is proud to announce that we were a finalist in the Best Feature Story category of the awards.

We received a ‘Highly Recommended’ award for our coverage of the weather event in June. Our thanks go to Colin Brick, Leanne Potter Kevin Egan, Hancock Victoria Plantations, and all those who contributed comments and photos to make this a special supplement.

The judge loved the dynamics of the feature and lauded us for giving it a special supplement and front page exposure. He loved the layout and that we had reports from all areas of our distribution, outlining the specific things in each community. He said those who had contributed the written sections did so beautifully, creating an emotional connection with the readers, allowing all readers to share what people went through.

You can read the web page summary of the original article, or read the full article in the July 2021 Issue.