Wooden  Sculpture like a fern frond Wooden abstract sculpture

Yinnar Sculpture 2023

By Garry Mauger

Under the banner of ”Sculpture Culture comes to Yinnar”, a hard working team of volunteers, and the organising committee of the Gippsland Sculpture Exhibition Incorporated, once again brought a world class exhibition to the town of Yinnar. Entries to this display and competition came from all over Australia and encompassed some of the finest work you have ever seen.

Sculptures, both indoor and outdoor, by established professional artists, and aspiring and emerging sculptors showcased some 106 successful entries in 2023.

Nicole Allen, the chairperson of the committee said. “This magnificent display and competition occurs every two years, and is open for a period of approximately seven weeks every day of the week.” Nicole praised the work of the committee, and volunteer team alike, and thanked the sponsors of this years’ event. “Without the sponsorships and the support of the community at large, we could not have such a happy successful event”.

Leanne Foster, the coordinator of the Volunteer Team for the Exhibition, praised the work done by all the volunteers. “Without this support by the volunteer team, we could not put together a display of this size and complexity” She said. ”We work hard to involve as many people as possible in this experience”.

Stand outs at the opening of this years’ awards were:

  • Allen Family indoor award of $10,000 for “Dunbi the Owl”, by Jimmy Rix.
  • The Outdoor award of $10,000 for “Big Red” by Neil Findley.
  • The initial awarding of the Ngarga Warendj prize for emerging artist by Mick and Nicole Harding to Jonathan Thompson for his work “Muscle Bunny”.
  • The special “Judges Own” award for “Gum Boots” the dog by Graeme Stuckey.