Art D' Ark 2023-04 - Water
Water - Garryelle Rose, Sarah Reark

The Art of D’Ark

By Catheryn Thompson

An enjoyable outdoor performance was held at the Yinnar Community Garden in mid March. The Autumnal equinox gathering was to celebrate the elementals of earth, water, fire and air with theatre and song.

Art D' Ark 2023-04 - Earth
Earth - Peter Corser,
Deb Morrison

The gazebos and the pergolas added a theatrical style and along with the central cosmic mosaic designed by Sari Anderson, it provided a perfect place for a celebration of nature and the elements so intrinsic to the life of a garden.

The display featured artistic collaboration, installation and performance artists, Peter Corser, Deb Morrison (Earth), Garryelle Rose, Sarah Reark (Water), Yakshideva aka Catheryn Thompson with helpers Sari and Lisa Anderson (Fire Snake) Margie Mackay, Gilbert Douglas (Air), and the Grand Ridge 245 Choir.

Over 80 persons visited the gardens, participated and enjoyed the performance on a cool autumn afternoon.

Art D' Ark 2023-04 - Fire
Fire - Catheryn Thompson with Sari and Lisa Anderson
Art D' Ark 2023-04 - Air
Air - Margie Mackay, Gilbert Douglas
Art D' Ark 2023-04 - Grand Ridge Choir
Grand Ridge Choir
Art D' Ark 2023-04 - Audience