Vale Nabil Samaan

By Daughter Maggie

On August 14, 2020 we said goodbye to our beloved Nabil Samaan. You were so dear to all of us. Unfortunately, no words can express what we wish to say - the only two words that come close are thank you.

Portrait of Nabil Samaan

Nabil Samaan was born in Egypt on July 16, 1947. He studied engineering at one of Egypt's biggest universities, Ain Shams University. Nabill was married in 1978. In 1981 Nabil and his family started a life in Sydney Australia. Then in 1986 he was offered a Lecturer position at the Gippsland Institute of Technology (which later became Monash University and now Federation University).

Nabil loved living and working in Churchill. He especially loved the people and the opportunity to teach. Nabil was a teacher at heart - that is what he loved to do and it was his gift. He wanted to make sure that his students would learn and have the opportunity to grow professionally . Nabil was awarded the Teaching of Excellence Award in recognition of his teaching skills. Many of his students made contact with him after retirement. 

Nabil lived a full life. He travelled, taught, laughed, maintained kindness and integrity in all he did. Even after retirement when the family returned to Sydney, Nabil always wanted to stay in Churchill so he kept the family home. He would come down to meet his friends and enjoy the area. Churchill was very special to Nabil - it was the people, ability to chat and just the goodness that comes from living in a small town. 

The family wish to thank their neighbours in Churchill for all their support over the past few months. 

Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father. 

Thank you for the chats. The long and short ones. We truly miss hearing your beautiful voice and your infectious laugh. No matter how big or small our problems, you were always there in our corner.

Thank you for the glorious stories. You were an amazing storyteller.

Thank you for your wisdom that you always shared with us.

Thank you for being a great teacher. Both your family and students will be eternally grateful for the lessons you taught. Whether it was in the classroom or outside you always made people achieve their best. Your family and students will be eternally grateful for the lessons you taught. You were everything that people look for in a teacher- kind, caring, compassionate and worked with integrity.

Thank you for your love. We are so lucky to have received such unconditional love.

We long for the day that we shall meet again in glory. Until then, let us thank you for the tremendous contribution you made to our lives. Above all it is a blessing and privilege to have you as husband to Afaf, father to Maggy, Meena, Jackie, Daniel and grandfather to Esther Samaan.