Lions Club of Churchill & District Inc.

Another busy month for our fantastic Lions Club!

How wonderful it is to have the Bunnings BBQ’s up and running constantly with no interruptions and lockdowns. Our members are having so much fun cooking and serving sausages with the public also so happy to see us there in return.

As you would have read all about the gorgeous little Winnie in the March edition, our last part of involvement was to purchase and install a large drinking trough for the cattle the family plan to run. We would also like to say a special thank you to our Lion Robin King and the Churchill Golf Club for their generous donation, which contributed to our work on the farm. It certainly was a pleasure to be able to help such a lovely young family and we wish them all the best for the future – and Winnie – please stay out of the wars!

We have also had some fantastic awards presented to some of our wonderful and very deserving members of our Club.

Lions April 2014 Life Membership
GE Steve Boyce with Lion Ray Medew

Each year there is a Changing of the Guard and a new District Governor is installed. He or she will visit every Club in our District of 201v3 or the next in line, the District Governor Elect will fill in. Last year of course the visit was postponed due to COVID, but eventually we were lucky enough to host DGE Steve Boyce, who was extremely interesting and talked a lot about what is happening around our area and that of East Gippsland, following the shocking bushfires where Lions, including our Club, were and still are very involved.

DGE Steve was then thrilled to be asked to present an Award of Life Membership from LCI (Lions International) to Charter Member Ray Medew, a truly deserving recipient.

At our next Meeting our President Reg Grisotto then had the pleasure of presenting Service Awards from LCI to the following Members : Lions Ross Norman for 40 years, Ron Bell for 30 years, David Cranwell for 25 years and Bill Hurenkamp for 15 years as Lions – well done guys!

Lions April 2021 Life Membership Certificate

Then of course there have been a few more trips to our Licola Lions Village for ongoing works, mostly plumbing, where one trip went awry and there was an explosion of a waste tank. President Reg Grisotto was covered in – well you can imagine – so if you bump into Reg, just ask him and you will get the full colourful story, so be prepared for a good laugh. However with much thanks to our Lion Peter Tait, due to his work as an electrician, all the electrics are computerised and now working to perfection – another job well done!

Moving on, due to age, wear and tear Licola was desperately in need of whipper snippers – Churchill Lions to the rescue - and due to contacts of Lion Peter Savage, two big top of the range Stihl whipper snippers were purchased by Churchill Lions and donated to Licola, much to the delight of Manager Trevor Carstein.

As always, we like to remind you - do you have any time to spare, do you think you’d like to have fun and help out alongside a great bunch of guys and gals? Just keep it in mind - we’re always looking for new handy people as members, so – please give us a call and have a chat, send a message, send us an email – we promise they will be answered asap!

Lions 2021-04 Service Awards
(L - R) Lions Ross Norman, Ron Bell,
David Cranwell and Bill Hurenkamp.

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