Winners 2014



Category 1. 7 and Under

Courtney Stivic  The Angry Bees  1st

Charlotte Grant  Fred the Dragon 2nd

Stella Voarino  Rachel Rabbit and her Owner  3rd

Niamh O’Kane   A Very Strange Night   Encouragement

Kayla Schmidt    Cutie Kitten and Holly   Encouragement

Lola Hughes     A Tiger in the Forest      Encouragement

Lucy Boot    The Princess and her Knight    Encouragement

Prep Reidy   What do the lizards do at night time?     Encouragement

Prep Ellis    Where is a good place for the Easter Bunny to hide eggs?    Encouragement


Category 2 Children 8-10 Short Story and Poem

Cadence Ing   Australia  Equal 1st

Kacy Naporowski    My damaged Name Poem   Equal 1st

Tige Renwick    Fish in a Lightbulb   2nd

Tamsyn Walker    Through the Drain   3rd

Stella Mason    Smarty-pants    Encouragement

Jye Wilson    Fire      Encouragement

Jem Mills     An Amazing Present    Encouragement

Dakota Wilden    Elevator Trouble      Encouragement


Category 3 Children 11-13 Short Story

Georgia Martin   Stuck in Space  1st

Lewis Orr     The Polar Bear   2nd

Jess Hoghton    One weird oak tree   3rd

Tamika Sorby    An Adorable Surprise  Encouragement

Chloe McCulloch      Garbage Can    Encouragement

Sophie Kootstra, Elly Walker   Old Mrs Yamagoo’s Revenge  Encouragement

Jessica Campbell    The Monkey and it’s Banana   Encouragement


Category 4 Children 11-13 Poetry

Lewis Orr   Ares   1st

Abdus Sami    Mirror, Mirror   2nd


Category 5 14-18 Short Story

Tessa Just   A Job Well Done   1st

Olivia Browning   What goes Around, comes Around   2nd

Tessa Just   Princess Tess and the Perfect Story   3rd.


Category 6- no entries

Category 7 Drabble

Pauline Cleary    Passing By   1st

Pauline Cleary    Time Waits for no Woman  2nd

Carmel Lillis   Who did I rob?    3rd

Kevin Jackson   Bubbles    Encouragement.


Category 8 Adult Short Story

Janice Williams    Every Good and Perfect Gift   1st

Anne Powell    Mrs Mac is Evacuated    2nd

Kevin Jackson     The Rainmaker     3rd

Bruna Romanin       Mother, Where are You?   Encouragement

Anne Powell     Murder at the Neighbourhood House   Encouragement


Category 9 Adult Poetry

Caroline Tuohey    The Six Million Dollar Bridge   1st

Wendy Nickson    My Fine Obsession     2nd

Pauline Cleary     The Coast   3rd

Janice Williams    Word Passion   Encouragement


Category 10.  A Story for Children

Megan Higginson     Evelyn’s Cat-astrophe     1st

Tessa Just    Chaos Arrives    2nd

Megan Higginson    Raymund and the Fear Monster   3rd

John Lawson     The Mouse that Squeaks   Encouragement