Churchill and District News

12th Writing Competition

After many hours of accepting entries, cataloguing, reading, judging and preparation, the twelfth annual Churchill and District News, Presentation Night arrived on Thursday August 1.

The venue of the Co-Operating Churches in Churchill was full of people of all ages excited, in anticipation of learning who has won what.

After some opening remarks which included welcoming everyone, thanking the wonderful sponsors and supporters of this event and their representatives, thanking the Churchill and District Team, and inviting the Reverend Brenda Burney to say a few words, the presentation of prizes began.

The sponsors and supporters included firstly our ongoing sponsors who support Churchill and District News and its activities each year:

Latrobe City Council, International Power. GDF Suez Hazelwood, Rotary Club of Hazelwood, Churchill and District Lions Club, Co-Operating Churches in Churchill,

Secondly our sponsors and supporters for this competition:

Latrobe City Council, School of Applied Media and Social Sciences- Monash University, Rotary Club of Hazelwood, Ampworks, ,Churchill and District Lions Club, Churchill Lioness Club, Allen and Unwin Publishers, Reader’s Emporium Traralgon, Gippsland Trade Printers, The Co-Operating Churches in Churchill, Gippsland Trades and Labor Council.

The media who help promote this competition

There were 76 prizes given in 10 categories in ages ranging from 7 and Under to Adults.

Special guests Russell Northe Member for Morwell, Doug Day from I.P.R. Hazelwood, Margaret Palmer from Hazelwood Rotary Club, Bob Lowick from Churchill Lions Club, Sue Lowick from Churchill Lioness Club, Peter and Sherryn Gray from AMPWORKS, Ian Combridge, chairperson of the Co-Operating Churches in Churchill, and Reverend Brenda Burney, minister of Co-Operating Churches helped to give them out.

Darrell White tendered his apology. This is the first presentation night he has missed.

208 entries were received with 152 of them being from primary school age children from Boolarra, Churchill, Hazelwood North, Lumen Christi, and Yinnar schools and several individual entries.

Thanks go to all the writers who entered, and to those who encouraged and mentored them. The judges were pleased with the standard generally, commenting about the range of creative ideas used. Well done everyone and keep up the good work.

2013 Writing Competition Winners List

Category 1: 7 and Under short Story and Poetry

Bethany Daddo- Equal first

Oriana Dale- Equal First

Aiden Barrett- Equal Second

Blake Billing- Equal Second

Stella Voarino- Equal Third

Charlize Hayes- Equal Third

Niamh O’Kane- Encouragement Award

Riley Richardson- Encouragement Award

Jem Mills- Encouragement Award

Diesel Nievaart- Encouragement Award

Hayden Middleton- Encouragement Award

Sarina Shirreff- Encouragement Award

Vivian Huynh- Encouragement Award

Nina Flake- Encouragement Award

Isla Tomokino- Encouragement Award

Mitchell Berechree.- Encouragement Award

Hayley Kamphuis- Encouragement Award

Ebonie Webb- Encouragement Award


Category 2: 8-10 Short Story and Poetry

Jack Daddo - Equal First

Nixon Hall - Equal First

Paula Hendrikse - Equal First (Illustrations)

Ruby Reilly -  Equal First (Illustrations)

Amy Kuijpers - Second

Chloe Huizer - Equal Third

Breanna Ameerbeg - Equal Third

Emma Van Den Brand - Encouragement Award

Sophie Bellingham - Encouragement Award

Sydney Simpson - Encouragement Award

Bridget King - Encouragement Award

Monai Porykali - Encouragement Award

Ryan Gilpin-Gane - Encouragement Award

Hamish Sinclair - Encouragement Award

Jeremy Courtis - Encouragement Award

Shandi Sanderson - Encouragement Award

Sophie Kootstra - Encouragement Award


Category 3: Children’s 11-13 Short Story

Phoebe Richardson - Equal First

Erin Tunny - Equal First

Teisha Selzer - Equal Second

Courtney Guce-Equal Second

Holly Buckley - Equal Third

Matthew Davison - Equal Third

Crystal Libreri and Georgia Martin - Illustration Award

Bridget Cain and Elly Walker - Illustration Award

Sophie Scholes and Biancca Kelly - Illustration Award

Emily Chessum - Illustration Award

Jaryd Downes-Smith – Encouragement Award

Emily Hayes - Encouragement Award

Lara Kuijpers - Encouragement Award

Courtney Guce - Encouragement Award


Category 4: Children’s 11-13 Poetry

Holly Buckley - Equal First

Holly Buckley - Equal First.


Category 5: 14-18 Short Story

Anastasia Richmond-Miller First

Daniel Schneider- Second

Tessa Just- Encouragement Award

Kathryn Vosper- Encouragement Award.


Category 6: 14-18 Poetry

Grady Just - First

Morgaine Auton - Second

Meg Ruyters - Third.


Category 7:  First Chapter of a Novel

Sharon Sandy- Equal First

Rosaline La Vie- Equal First

Jellie Wyckelsma- Third


Category 8: Adult Short Story

Desley Allen - Equal Second

Anne Powell - Equal Second

Caroline Tuohey - Equal Third

Carmel Lillis - Equal Third

Olivia Langley - Encouragement Award

Jennifer Fell - Encouragement Award


Category 9: Adult Poetry

Bill Jordan - Encouragement Award

Paul Te Wierik- Encouragement Award


Category 11: A Children’s Story

Carmel Lillis - First

Marg Wilson - Equal Second

Rosaline La Vie - Equal Second