Children’s   7 and Under Short story/poem or picture story  
  Bethany Daddo The Tooth Fairy 1st Story
  Elizabeth Darvill Snow 1st Poetry
  Claire Pendlebury The Animal Fight EQ. 2nd Story
  Alyssa Welsh Fat and Bob EQ. 2nd Story
  Hayley Caldwell  The Little Dog and   Big Worm  EQ. 3rd Story
  Aiden Barrett A Bear's Adventure EQ. 3rd Story
  Kate Petrinchuk Six Fairies Encouragement 
  Grace Harding  The Cat and the Magic   House Encouragement 
  Karima Halabi  The Sleepy   Animals  Encouragement 
  Freya Campbell The Painting Fairies Encouragement 
  Ryan Johnson Enchanted Sea Encouragement 
  Summer Harding Helpful Fairies Encouragement 
  Shanelle Love The Walking Fruit Encouragement 
  Mitchell Morgan Ben and Rex go to the   Moon Encouragement 
  Sebastian Wickenden Ironman and Prime Encouragement 
  Shandi Sanderson Good Fairies vs Bad   Fairies Encouragement 
  Katelin Mansfield The Zoo Encouragement 
  Blake Billing My Dinosaur  Encouragement 
  Damon Sinclair The Bush  Encouragement 
Children’s   8 - 10 yrs Short Story    
  Harry Daddo Alfred and the Dragon 1st 
  Skye Trotter-Wilson A Day for Father 2nd
  Jack Daddo How Jack and Dylan   Made Aliens Nicer EQ. 3rd
  Peter Pontifix  Darcy's Budgie   Mission EQ. 3rd
  Edward Rai A Mad Robber Encouragement
  Ty Hickford RSL Encouragement
  Riley Harding The Two Kings Encouragement
  Bradley Smart Leopard Print Crush Encouragement
  Lily Booth The 10 Fairies and   the Ugly Goblin Encouragement
  Dakota Wilden Bella's Birthday   Party Encouragement
  Luke Van Rossum Two Big Boys Were   Walking Down the Street Encouragement
  Hannah Langhans My Little Workers Encouragement
  Caitlyn Sorby Super Cat Encouragement
  Elly Walker Easter Never Came Encouragement
  Sophie Scholes Zoggatartica Encouragement
Children’s   8-10 yrs Poetry    
  Paula Hendrikse What is a Mother 1st
  Lucas Ciesielski Colours 2nd
  Ben Lissa Pickannel Aliens 3rd
Children’s   11 - 13 yrs Short Story    
  Maggie Clancey Worst Holiday Ever 1st
  Breanna Langhans One Funny Family 2nd
  Ally McGown The Legend on Friday EQ. 3rd
  Biancca Kelly Magic Pencils EQ. 3rd
  Alexandria Bucher-Richards Tuddly Encouragement
  Chloe Answerth Shadow Encouragement
  Matthew Davison Is She Alright? Encouagement
  Oliva Campbell I Love Australia Encouragement
  Ashlee Skinner Maddy Finds a New   Friend Encouragement
  Shelby Logue Square Eats Something Pink Encouragement
  Alex Devonshire Imagine If... Encouragement
Children’s   11 - 13 yrs Poetry    
  Emily Just A Miner's Life 1st
  Lillian Green Flames EQ. 2nd
  Natalie Butler Winter Wonders EQ. 2nd
  Rachael Pendlebury What am I? 3rd
  Stephen Darvill Seasons Encouragement
14   - 18 yrs Short Story    
  Meg van Rooy Ian 1st
  Bryce Garder Spring Breaker 2nd
  Annie Zammit Mirror Mirror 3rd
  Melissa Jones Saving Sally Encouagement
  Tessa Just True Friends Encouagement
  **Giorgi Boucher Cindy Goes to the Ute Muster Encouagement
14   - 18 yrs Poetry    
  Tessa Just The Goose and the Golden Egg 1st
  Grady Just The Wiser Miser 2nd
  Monique Hustler In the Early Hours Encouagement
  Ashleigh Mounser Blessed are the Meek Encouagement
  Meg Cauduro Hide and Seek   Professional Encouagement
Adult   Short Story    
  Anne Powell Scallywags 1st
  Paul Te Wierik Oh! Mum 2nd
  John Lord The Boy Who Lived in   Botany Boulevard EQ. 3rd
  Vicky Daddo Belle's Magic Juice EQ. 3rd
  Janet May Walking With Ry Encouragement
  Anne Powell The Thief and the Gossip Encouragement
  **Pat Patt Snake Sickness Encouragement
Adult   Poetry    
  Caroline Tuohey Riverina Rain 1st
  Gloria Rabe Epitaph 2nd
  Caroline Tuohey Christmas Night 3rd
  Troy McConnell Spider Encouragement
  John Lord Anniversary Encouragement
  Les Crowe Memories Encouragement
A   Children's Story    
  Caroline Tuohey Tully and the Tooth Fairy 1st
  Sue Crabtree Ruffy Wasn't Really a   Bad Dog 2nd
  Carmel Lillis Wasps and Dragonflies 3rd
  Olivia Langley Marlo is Missing Encouragement
  Neil McInnes The Breaker Boy Encouragement
  Alli Ipsen Earl the Polar Bear Encouragement
  Les Crowe The Pond Kingdom Part 1 Encouragement