Churchill & District News Writing Competition.

For 2021 with the uncertainty of COVID restrictions, Churchill & District News opened its annual writing competition to our local primary schools only. This was done through approaching schools individually and emailing the information. There were three categories to cover the primary school ages.

No presentation night will be held, due to restrictions and uncertainty, but prizes and certificates will be delivered to the winners with many encouragement awards among them. Each entrant will receive a little participation certificate and a goody bag to inspire them to continue. Included in the goody bag was a list of hints to help with their writing,

Our first prize winners have their story published in this issue.

We thank our wonderful local sponsors for their support - Rotary Club of Hazelwood and District, Lions Club of Churchill and District and Ampworks. Each year they generously donate to help with the costs involved and make the writing competition possible.

Category 1 Children 7 and Under

First Prize Second Prize Equal third
Axel SeddonElla Malcolmson Marley Pickles, Harrison Visser, Rhys Eden
Encouragement Award
Lucinda Fox, Angus Francis, Daisy Windsor, Kao Tanti, Scarlett Masterman-Smith, Luca Mulder, Ashton Parker, Masey Webb, Jackson Wakefield, George Galletti

Category 2 Children 8-9

First Prize Equal Second Prize Equal third
Isabelle Gleeson Nevaeh Ranger, Ryan Stevenson Adriana Draper, Gemma Madex, Amelia Parry, Third Toby Grant
Special Award Encouragement Award
Billi Franklin Heidi Massey, Loretta Pearce, Tyson McInnes, Sophie Paulston, Violet Morrison, Callen Campbell

Category 3 Children 10-12

First Prize Second Prize Equal third Special Award Poem
Kallarnie Francis Sebastian Ray Kayla Stevenson, Charlotte Ing Ruby Franklin
Encouragement Award
Hamish Stewart, Stephanie Wilkinson, Madeline McKinnell, Niah Stoertebecker, Mikayla Massey, Jonothan Tang, Ebony Thomas, Xaiden Hudson, Logan Soall, Sebastian, Asha Mills , Bailey Barnes, Charlotte Ing

Congratulations to all our award winners.

Churchill News Writing Competition First Prize Winners stories

Category – 1, 7 and Under

Wcomp 2021 Ah

Axel Seddon

T-Rex Trouble

I was in bed and heard thumps! My brother heard it too. We got out of bed and saw a T-Rex in the living room!

We chased him and then we put on our clothes and then we chased the T-Rex. He ran to the end of the street then went into the park. We tried to look for him but we couldn’t find him. The next day we saw the T-Rex chasing our Mum! We ran after it but it turned direction. The next night we heard thumps and then we ran down and saw toy baby T-Rexes and the adult with them. We ran to Mum’s room. When we got there they were not there anymore. We went back to bed and we thought we wouldn’t see them again. But the next day, right after school we were walking home and saw the T-Rex looking at us. We ran and then we went to hide and call the animal catchers. We did and then rang Mum to pick us up to go home. When we did we had dinner and went to bed.

The next day we woke up and had breakfast. We went to school and did all of our work. Then we walked home because we knew we wouldn’t see that T-Rex again.

Category – 2, 8-9 year olds

Writing Comp 2021 - Winner 8-9

Isabelle Gleeson

Lurking Beneath

“Come on,” Mum whined while I was packing my bags.

“I’m still packing my bags.”

“Then hurry up!” Mum said highly annoyed.

“Finished!” I called after.

I know this is the best trip ever! We are going to the beach and I have never been to the beach ever! I’m soooooo excited! I’m on a plane and I am (right now) writing my journal and P.S. I haven’t gone to the beach because in Alice Springs which is like RIGHT smack in the middle of Australia, and of course AWAY from any beach and OH MY GOSH I am so excited!

I am now at the beach and I soooo LOVE it! It has sand, shells, water and Future BFFs!!!! I was just about to touch the water but Mum stopped me. She said I can’t too far out. I said okay, but my brain said no. So when she wasn’t looking I would slip out of sight. But when I did I felt something brush my leg. Water rippled. I looked down. The something rose up. I thought it was human but it was scaly, turquoise and had orange glowing eyes.

I was swimming to shore at top speed but I was no match. Running out of breath, flopping my arms around helplessly. I thought it was the end for me. I tried again with ocean debris racing past me as I looked behind me. When I realised I was on land, I relaxed. I even let out a chuckle. I has escaped from the sea serpent’s grasp.

The End.

Category - 3, 10-12 year olds

Writing Comp 2021 - Winner 10-12

Kallarnie Francis



I could hear my heart beat beating, even the wind was telling me not to jump by turning in every possible direction.

“Remember its fine! Just pull your cord five seconds after you jump, and only two people have been hurt on my watch” The pilot yelled over the strong wind, “But mostly because they were too scared to pull the cord.” He added

“Thanks,” I murmured, though I didn’t think the pilot could hear me over the blasting sound of wind.

I took one last look at the perfectly good helicopter that I was about to jump out of. Then a thought hit me, what happens if my mum finds out! I changed my thoughts I looked at camp. There were three teenagers sitting on the bank of the lagoon.

I held onto my parachute and jumped! For a second I thought I lost my mind, then I remembered I was falling to my death if I didn’t keep track of the seconds I would probably die!

Then a giant gust of wind swept past me and I went with it. Didn’t know what to do but to pull the cord now. I did what my mind told me and pulled it! My gut dropped and I felt better than before. This was probably the most dangerous thing I will, and have ever tried. I looked around at the beautiful view. I was getting closer to the ground, my legs preparing to touch the precious earth.

My legs were swinging in mid-air, I could feel the wind die down and the

breath - taking sunset hit the hills like a raging bushfire.

I was ten metres away now from reaching the ground when I finally caught my breath, but my stomach not so much.

Two metres now! I braced myself for landing. I hit the soft green grass and took my parachute off straight away. I couldn’t think of anything else but to lay down.

Five minutes later I decided to stand up, my legs were like jelly from the jump, but I just ignored them. I moved around and by the looks of it the wind took me away when I was in the air.

I turned around and around again now observing the forest. I think I am in the ‘pine tree forest’ on the west side of ‘Camp lagoon’. I know the best decision the best decision is to find a stream of water and follow it. The sun was nearly coming down out of sight from the green forested hills.

I started walking. If I knew I was going to get stuck in the forest I would of worn better clothes, instead of ripped denim jeans with a black long sleeve top. I hope that my best friends Abby and Chase find me soon because, I am not sure I can make it out in the forest for long.

I eventually find a little river and walk beside it. The sun has now disappeared and the moon is shining bright enough for me to see where I am walking. Good thing I am not afraid of the dark.

I start to feel a cold mist hitting my neck. ‘It’s starting to rain.’ I said to myself, I was getting heavier by the second. I start to wander away from the river and find a big tree to shelter under.

I drift to sleep, dreaming about camp. We all toast marshmallows while laughing with our friends. I eventually woke up to a start, I looked around, it was still dark. I could hear something or someone coming up from behind me, I turned around and saw a dark figure with a hoodie on. It walks closer and I saw a familiar boy wearing jeans and a tie-dye T-shirt with black hair. He got closer and I realised it’s a boy named ‘Luke’ from camp. I stood up and said,

“Where is Chase and Abby?” I questioned,

“They are at camp trying to distract your mum.” Luke laughed, “Come on I don’t think they can hold for much longer.”

My heart lifted and I straightened up, and started to follow Luke back out of the forest. As soon as we reached the start of camp I could see two other figures waiting for us. Luke stopped for a second just out of ear distance from Abby and Chase.

“you better tell Abby the view on parachuting out of a helicopter, she has been worried sick about killing you!” Luke said,

I laugh and we keep walking to meet the girls.

“I am so sorry Sabe! I shouldn’t have dared you to jump out of a helicopter!” Abby cried and ran towards me.

“It’s fine besides, you missed out so much. I can’t believe you didn’t want to come with me.” I said, trying to make it sound like it was her dream.

The rest of the night/day we talked and laughed until sunrise.