Mathison Park 202106 (2)

Mathison Park June 2021

Mathison Park 202106 (1)

The Gippsland Interchange crew had worked so effectively over the weeks that several pile of bark, leaves and branches had been accumulated. With the supervision of the two park committee folks the small fires were burnt. One of the crew is in a fire brigade and he wore his turnout gear to look the part. The crew also were able to toast marshmallows. Another week they helped to spread the stone for work being done on drainage at the playground.

Our monthly working bee was very successful with a record number of volunteers attending. It was wonderful to have Connor join us for the first time and to welcome back Colleen who has had some time off.

Holes were dug for new trees to be planted, tree guards and stakes were removed from unsuccessful plantings and a lot of whippersnipping was done around the remaining viable plants.

Mathison Park 202106 (3)

Four piles of fallen branches, leaves and bark were successfully burnt, the conditions on the day being very good for the work.

Other areas which need a clean-up were explored and noted for future working bees. It was an excellent day’s work and we were thrilled with what had been achieved.

We are proud and grateful to announce we have been successful in obtaining a grant to purchase an equipment trailer for use in the park on working bee days. We acknowledge the Federal Government and in particular, Darren Chester for supporting us in that submission. We are very pleased and happy to have this facility for our use.