Friends of Morwell National Park - February Report

FMNP Nest Box Repair

Ranger Gabrielle reported to the Friends group that a group from Disaster Relief Australia has completed work on the Grand Strzelecki Track. Disaster Relief Australia is a group of Australian Defence Force veterans who volunteer in disaster situations around Australia and around the globe. They want to serve communities impacted by natural disasters.

The group met in the car park and planned the work to be completed over the day. Jay spoke about seed collection and what needs to happen when collecting seed. Jay and Joelle went off to collect seed while the rest of the group worked on repairs to the nesting boxes.

In the January activity, a list of nesting boxes needing repair or replacement was made while the nesting box survey was completed. This group worked through the list to locate and make repairs to these boxes. Some boxes needed to be reaffixed to the tree, some boxes needed repairs, while others were needing replacement with a new box.

Previously the Churchill Men’s Shed had constructed some new nesting boxes for us and this was the opportunity to get some of these boxes onto trees. Matt had brought a collection of tools, a ladder and other equipment to fix the boxes to the trees.

While Cathy, Beryl and Tamara searched for the boxes requiring repair or replacement, Graeme, Mike and Matt completed the repairs. Some boxes need replacement of bases or lids, while others required more strapping or more nails to resecure the boxes to the trees. Boxes beyond repair were cut up for extra lids or bases. The new boxes needed a number added to help with future location and to match the site map.

In one box that needed a new base, tapping on the box had the group thinking that it was empty. But when the old leaf litter and then some fresh leaves were removed, three sugar gliders also came of the box. They safely climbed the tree. Hopefully they returned back to the same box which now has a new base fitted.

After the activity when walking near Billys Weir, a group of three deer were seen. They were elusive but I was able to collect a shot of them among the trees. Deer tracks have been previously recorded but confirmed sightings of deer in the park are rare.

March Activity - Sunday March 21, 5.30pm

BBQ, spot light walk and moth survey The group will meet in the Kerry Road picnic area for a BBQ, spot light walk and moth survey. You will need to bring a torch along with clothing and footwear suitable for the evening outdoors and the weather conditions. For the BBQ: a seat, cutlery, plates, drink, etc. would be very useful.