Churchill Neighbourhood House recognises our firey's

Churchill Neighbourhood Centre, initiated by Co-Ordinator Abigail Brown, asked the community to help them provide a thank you meal to the members of the Churchill Fire Brigade for their efforts for our community.
Noelene and her helper Linda cooked, while Abigail and two Centre volunteers set the long table in the engine bay at the station and made the members welcome.
A three course meal was served - entree - smoky pork ribs, main - beef ragu and dessert - cheesecake waffle. A wide range of drinks was also supplied.
Before dessert was served Abigail spoke the following words:
“I came from the UK about sixteen years ago. When I arrived, two significant differences between the countries stood out for me: that you have more than one day of sunshine a year, and something called the CFA.
It took me quite a while to comprehend that people who have regular day jobs, or who are studying, or who are looking after families full time, who are supposed to be enjoying a well-earned retirement, and many other categories put aside their own interests and take up those of our community, and any other community under threat when your pager goes.
You don’t just attend fires. You conduct fuel reduction burns, attend road accident rescues, incidents involving hazardous materials, and other emergencies, including flood assistance and other types of rescue.
You do this despite often leaving your own homes under threat.
You are managing the anxiety of your family who love you and they are managing it too. You work arduous hours in uncomfortable, dangerous and life threatening situations. In your down time, all those other important activities that keep the service operating occur - community education program, fund-raising activities, brigade training, brigade activity maintenance, media and public relations, multicultural liaison, brigade administration and junior members program.
So what could you say to people who do all that?
We have absolutely no idea so we thought we might invite you to dinner.
The best I can say now, is that your community thinks you are awesome.”
Captain Steve Barling responded saying how unexpected, but appreciated the gesture was, and that all present had enjoyed the meal and the time together.