Mathison Park hosts dog endurance day

Twenty Kilometre Dog Run
A dog endurance test was held at Matheson Park on June 22. This was organised by the German Shepherd Club of Victoria and entries came from around Victoria.
About half of the seventeen dogs entered were German Shepherds with a variety of other breeds such as Italian greyhound, a Whippet and even a King Charles Cavalier whose legs were so much shorter than all other competitors.
To be able to compete, all dogs must be fit enough to run the twenty kilometres at an average speed of ten kilometres (kms) per hour.
Dogs had a veterinary check four times throughout the day – before the run, after eight kms, another five kms and at the end of the run.
The veterinary tests were to ensure that the dog was fit enough to continue on the course and was not distressed. Tests were taken of the heart, temperature and a check made on the paws to see that they were not injured.
Handlers of the dogs were able to run the distance or ride a bike keeping control of the dog on a leash.
One energetic man completed the journey running with his dog. Leading bike riders controlled the speed of the race and kept the riders in a group.
All seventeen dogs completed the course which was on part of Mathison Park path for several laps to make the required distance. At the end of the test all owners received a sash to complete a very successful day.
A glorious winter morning and with Mathison Park in great condition, a good day was had by competitors and spectators alike.