Rotary award at Yinnar Primary

During 2017, Hazelwood Rotary Club has hosted a variety of interesting guests. During November, club members have been involved in two other activities not requiring guest speakers.
Well known club member, Brenda Burney, co-ordinated The Rotary Junior Community Award involving students from Yinnar Primary School.
This award scheme is now completing its 20th year, having been first established as the Bairnsdale Junior Community Award (BJCA). This started as an identified need through the establishment of a pilot program in Bairnsdale of the Community Relations Education Project (CREP).
It is an organisation of local people, schools, police, welfare organisations, Koorie and other youth groups whose aim was to lower the incidence of violence, discrimination and racism in our community.  The BJCA was introduced to involve young people in a direct positive way to benefit themselves and our local community.
The program engages Grade 6 students in four main areas of endeavour to be completed over the school year – Community Service, Social Experience, Physical Recreation and Skill Development.
The students, with the aid of parents and teachers, design a program they feel they can achieve and keep a diary of their progress.
Recently, nine Yinnar Primary School students, together with family, friends and supporters were presented with a certificate at an evening ceremony. 
Also during November, over 16 representatives from the club attended a social evening at the Morwell Bowling Club.
President Ian Wilson, himself a highly accomplished bowler, organised the occasion which involved teams composed of experienced and inexperienced bowlers vying for a “championship” prize of chocolate.
The competitive atmosphere was laced with seriousness and laughter. With more practise over the next decade, some members will improve their bowling skills. Watch this space please.
Hazelwood Rotary’s big Christmas effort is the Christmas Wrap (for customers) at Mid Valley Shopping Centre. Funds raised are subsequently distributed within our community.
For people interested in joining Hazelwood Rotary, please do not hesitate to contact President, Ian Wilson on 0409 937 222.