Churchill Community Garden - War on Waste

For the past four years members of Churchill Community Garden have been collecting food scraps and coffee grounds from businesses in Churchill. Vintage C’hill, the Noodle Shop and the Chinese restaurant save their food waste in bins for collection by the gardeners, rather than sending it to landfill.
A large worm farm system was purchased with a capital works grant from Latrobe City and compost bays were installed by members. The waste collected is distributed between the two. A recent episode of the ABC’s ‘Gardening Australia’ featured a segment on coffee ground compost.
Our compost is mixed with sawdust and wood shavings collected from Churchill Men’s shed, saving more waste from landfill.
Worm castings and the juice mixed with water is used as fertilizer on our garden along with the compost.
This year has seen a large harvest of tomatoes, pumpkins, spinach, kale and herbs. The produce is shared among the members, donated to the community café at the hub and the spinach has been given to the restaurant to use.
Thus the scraps have gone the full cycle.
The Department for the Environment has used our garden as an example of waste reduction in a circular issued to local councils.
Each week about 75 litres of waste is collected. This amounts to 3900 litres a year saved from landfill.
The Community Garden acknowledges the past contribution to the scheme by the Churchill Bakery. New members are welcome to join the garden group at the Hub in Philip Parade on Tuesday mornings from 10am.
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