About Us

The Churchill News was a community newspaper which started when Churchill started in 1965. The first minister of the Co-Operating Churches began the leaflet as a means of informing the new residents as they arrived, of the services available e.g. bread, milk and newspaper deliveries; which family had just arrived, which family had had an addition. It also told of church services, where the post could be picked up, where and when the bus went to Morwell and Yinnar, which day was bin day. It has a proud history and remains an integral part of our communities.

Churchill News became Churchill and District News in 2002 when it went from hard copy to being electronically produced on computer. The L.V.Express prints the paper and distributes it, but originally it was done by a devoted group of news boys and girls who delivered the paper twice a month, after another devoted group divided up the papers for each deliverer.

The new name reflects the distribution area which now takes in Boolarra, Yinnar, Yinnar South, Mirboo North, Hazelwood North and South as well as being available for people in the Jeeralangs if they pick it up at the Churchill Newsagency, Woolworths or IGA in Churchill.

The team which runs this paper are all volunteers, who spend countless hours each month to make sure the paper is produced and delivered to our 10,000 plus readership. We hope you enjoy reading our paper either in hard copy or on line at this web site in Previous Issues.

Our competitions are popular also and can be found on the web site under Events.

The Team:

Ruth Place ~ Team Leader, Secretary, Parish Representative, advertising, proof-reading, production, competitions.

Ruth Courtis ~ Treasurer, competitions

Tracey Burr ~ Editorial Collator, production, advertising, Junior Fishing Competition (JFD) Co-Ordinator, Facebook

Carol Scott ~ Editor, production, competitions

Allan Larkin ~ Advertising Co-Ordinator and Producer, layout and design, production, postcard/Christmas postcard design, competitions, Vol 4 History book layout

Barbara Cheetham ~ minute secretary, proof-reading, competitions, article writer, postal, Federation Uni distribution, Nappy Collection

Delma Hodges ~ Assistant treasurer, article Contributor, Proof Reading, Writing Competition

Geraldine Larkin ~ proof-reading, postcard distribution, competitions

Charlie Rawlinson ~ distribution

Sam Gillett ~   competitions, website,

Amy Down ~ advertising, facebook co-ordinator, article writer/provider, production.
Marion Ireland ~ advertising, Writing competition
Shelley McDonald ~ advertising, proof-reading, competitions
Bronte Hillas Harland ~ article writer, helping with minutes.
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