Forest Path - Mathison Park October 2023

New path, south end under the trees showing the native grasses

A new pathway has been constructed in Mathison Park.

The pathway joins the existing pathway that runs up the hill from Hares House to the existing concrete pathway that runs along Northways Road. We have named this the Forest Path as it winds its way through the native plantation on the southern end of the Park. The new path is gravel lined at each end leading up to the edge of the forest and then changes to a grassed path through the plantation. This allows for native grasses to have the least possible disturbance from being covered by gravel, or having any detrimental effects of construction equipment in the area. We have had an arborist do an assessment of the trees to ensure that there is no danger from falling trees or limbs.

The committee would like to acknowledge Latrobe City Council for their grant to construct the Pathway. Each year the committee applies for grants from various Government bodies and businesses. Latrobe City has always supported the committee by supplying grants for worthwhile projects which we raise and apply for. Without these grants the funding we receive would only cover maintenance on existing infrastructure and general upkeep of the Park.

It is interesting to note that the native plantation was planted with trees that were provided by Loy Yang power back in the early 2000’s. The committee at the time provided the manpower through several planting days. Now some 20 years later we see an established native forest that we can enjoy and walk through.

As you can see the importance of receiving these grants can be evidenced over a long period of time and we thank Latrobe City for always supporting our grant applications.

New gravel path from the north end

However, grants can only provide us with money to complete some of these projects. What also contributes to the successful maintenance and improvements to the Park are the volunteers. This is a small group of dedicated people that works hard to provide an enjoyable space for everyone to use. Working Bees are held on the second Saturday of each month. If you use the Park and feel you would like to help, we would love to have you come along. You do not have to commit to coming every month, any time you could make it would be greatly appreciated and you get a good feeling that you have a hands on impact on the upkeep of the Park. Visit the Mathison Park Churchill website. In the Get Involved section for details of how you can help and “get involved”.