New gravel path from the north end

Mathison Park - May 2023

Due to our usual second Saturday working Bee day falling in Easter we put off our working bee for a week. Even then some regulars could not attend due to other commitments.

However, eight folks turned up and a lot of work was accomplished. Several of our rubbish piles were lit and dealt with. Several more dead or dying trees from our original deciduous section were taken out. New plantings will be done in this section a bit later this year.

Thanks to Merrilyn for proving some delicious morning tea.

The Gippsland Interchange group again gave some energy to helping out with weed pick up, and other clean up and mulching. Thanks Crew. You are a great asset.

New path, south end under the trees showing the native grasses

A new pathway has been constructed in Mathison Park which joins the concrete path further down the hill, or can be accessed from the gravel path which starts at the concrete path further up the hill.

As there are native grasses growing in the path area we were unable to have the gravel continued through the treed area. We hope you enjoy this new path as it travels through a treed area, which is lovely shady and cool in summer.