Mathison Park August 2022

Matheson Park 2208 - Winter Landscape
Matheson Park 2208 - Muching Matheson Park 2208 - New seat

Once again the weather caused the park to be too wet to hold our working bee. However, on the Thursday before the Gippsland Interchange crew came and the mulching of new trees around the new seat adjacent to the old house was completed, presenting a neat arrangement.

Matheson Park 2208 - Hare House with new fence

Part of the fence which was constructed around the old house was pulled down by vandals some time ago. It has now been replaced thanks to the Council intervention and action.

A new Mathison Park sign has been erected on Monash Way section of the park. It features an Aboriginal design.

Matheson Park 2208 - Table

Again a huge thank you to the Hands on Learning students and teachers for the supply of a very colourful table/seat combo for the little kids which has been installed in the large picnic shelter.

Sections of the park are now looking very bare with the leaves of the deciduous trees fallen. However it gives you some clear views across the park from the new pathway.