Bonnets on and let's stride out with a stroller!

Wednesday May 24 saw the launch of Wallaby Walkers, a new walking group with parents and carers of young children in mind. This is an exciting partnership between Churchill Neighbourhood Centre, Churchill Library and community minded post graduate students.
A new opportunity to build fitness and friendships, Wallaby Walkers start a brisk walk from the Churchill Hub at 9.30am on Wednesdays. Walkers are coming for a variety of reasons: kick-starting a fitness regime, contributing to an ongoing one (as you will know, pushing a stroller is a workout in itself!), or meeting other parents and carers in a very informal way. All this takes place along the beautifully rejuvenated Eel Hole Creek, and the lovely walking paths that skirt the university. The walk can be found on the Walking Maps website - search for Wallaby Walkers at Churchill 3842.
Back at the Hub a volunteer from the Neighbourhood Centre’s Community Café will have made healthy muffins for appetites spiked by the fresh air and the concentration required to count wallabies. Then the children are encouraged to join Story Time at the Library.
This has been a true collaboration between services, and Churchill Neighbourhood Centre and Churchill Library would like to acknowledge the support we have been given.
You are invited to come along with us. Our pace will raise the heart rate and tone muscles a little, so we request that children remain in their stroller doing some wildlife spotting while parents and carers do the work! Please note that we are not inviting dogs at the moment.
Then join us for a healthy morning tea (optional, $1) before starting your day invigorated, or settling back to be read a story at Story Time! Call Churchill Neighbourhood Centre for more information on 5122 2955.
Family Yoga
Letting everyone in on a secret to wellbeing and health.
We are lucky to have two fantastic Yoga teachers at the Neighbourhood Centre offering a low cost Family Yoga class. Family Yoga is quite unusual; most classes focus on either adults or children, not both. But we have it here in Churchill!
Practising Yoga as a family lets everyone in on the secret to wellbeing and health. It is a fun way for families to be present with each other, to (re)connect and to enjoy each other’s company. Families will learn yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditations and relaxations that they can practice and explore together at home. Everyone will benefit.
Yoga gives both adults and children ways in which they can let go of stress, ease physical and emotional tension and create calmness within. It is an invaluable tool for parents and carers who find themselves busy, often stressed and lacking in time to connect with their children. For children to have an hour or so of complete presence from their parents/carers, is like finding a pot of gold.
Who is this suitable for? Primary school aged children and their parents/carers.
Cost: $15 one adult/one child per session. Extra child $5. Concession $10 / $2.
10.30-11.30am June 24.
Where: Room 1 and 2, Churchill Neighbourhood Centre.
What do I bring? Loose comfortable clothing and a yoga mat if possible. Some mats available to borrow.
Contact: Churchill Neighbourhood Centre office 5122 2955. Registration allows our tutors to plan sessions better.