130 graduate at Federation University

One hundred and thirty students graduated at Federation University on May 25, a large increase on the number from 2016.
There were graduates in Education, Arts, Health, Science, Technology and Business.
This is the second year of graduates at the Gippsland campus and it is exciting to see the increase in numbers and confidence in the university.
Students with family and friends gathered at the university prior to the ceremony to be photographed, and receive their gowns and mortar boards.
The doors were opened and guests and students, in their professional categories took their seats.
When all was ready, the traditional ceremony began with a piper and a student bearing the mace, leading in the academics in their brightly coloured robes.
They proceeded to the front of the packed auditorium and took their seats on the stage.
The National Anthem was sung.
Students had come from all over Australia to study at Federation University but there were also a significant number of locals.
Chancellor Dr. Paul Hemming welcomed all and acted as MC for proceedings.
He stated that Federation University was known for its excellence in training and employment outcomes.
The conferring of awards procedures was well organised. Each student mounted the stage, doffed their mortar board to the Chancellor, who responded in kind.
The students then proceeded to shake hands with the Chancellor before being presented with their degree by the Head of the school in which they had received their qualifications.
They then proceeded off the stage to return to their seats.
Student Emily Cordy spoke on behalf of the student cohort. She reminded the students that the achievement of qualifications was only the beginning and that their hopes and dreams were ahead of them in what they could achieve.
Newly appointed Vice Chancellor of Federation University, Helen Bartlett congratulated the students on their achievements, wished them well in their futures and said how proud the university was of their achievements.
Among the cohort were many mature age students and some who were already working in their chosen field.
Following the formalities, the academics recessed from the stage and left the auditorium. There was much mingling of the crowd, excited congratulations, happy chatter and the chance to share refreshments in the student lounge.
Students who graduated:
Emily Hall graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing. She is very proud and feels good that all her hard work has paid off. Warragul Hospital is where she is working in the emergency and surgical ward. Emily has always dreamed of being a nurse.
Mollie Petesic (daughter of Jodie who co-ordinates the Federation Child Care centre formerly Pooh Corner) also graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing. She is happy and excited as she has always wanted to be a nurse ever since she was three years old and had a toy nurses kit. In Grade 1 she wrote a story, ‘When I grow up I want to be a nurse’ and she has never considered doing anything else. Mollie is nursing at Latrobe Regional Hospital.
Mick Harding completed a Masters in Fine Arts and wishes to go on to do a PhD. He wants to leave a legacy for his boys. They participated with him in his final presentation of twenty-seven pieces of art work in a gallery.
In his presentation he sang a song he had composed in his Daungwurrung language while they danced around the art work. He is proud of his achievements. Mick is from the Koori community.
Nikita Hall is also from the Koori community. She attended Kurnai College and graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from Federation. At present she is working at Latrobe Regional Hospital and loves the work. “I really enjoy doing nursing,” she enthused. Nikita is happy having a job doing what she enjoys. She has always wanted to work in health and help her community and to achieve that is exciting.
Stephen Browne, Eleanor Huston and Jessica Maber all graduated with Bachelor of Nursing degrees, saying how glad the occasion was finally here. They are all working either at Latrobe Regional or Warragul Hospitals.
Darcy Britton has graduated with a Bachelor of Visual and Media Arts.
Janine Hayes graduated with a Bachelor of Allied Management. She said it was a fantastic feeling. Janine is a mature age student and believes age is an achievement not an affliction. This degree is not the first of Janine’s qualifications. She has an Associate Diploma of Applied Management and Diploma in Tourism as well as an Associate Diploma in Welfare from Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education.
All these students had their families and friends there to support them and tell them how proud they were of their achievements.