Healthy lifestyle at Churchill Bowls Club

The Churchill Bowls Club’s opening in September 2016 was a significant milestone in the history of Churchill and districts recreational and sporting development. Our club is proud to be associated with the Churchill sporting club fraternity, which strives to provide the various sporting and social needs that make for a better, more liveable and healthier community lifestyle.
Bowls, although not as vigorous as some of the other sporting codes, is a sport that requires a certain amount of skill, stirs the competitive juices and offers a high degree of social interaction during and after a game. Once perceived as a game for the oldies, bowls is now being embraced by the younger generation, who are fast becoming leaders in the sport.
As part of our ongoing commitment in providing an alternative recreational and sporting activity for Churchill and district, our club is currently seeking new, past or current players interested in being part of our progressive and inclusive organisation.
As part of this commitment, the club will be conducting six weeks of Saturday Morning Triples Competition, beginning April 22, commencing at 9.30am and concluding at approximately 11am. An open invitation is extended to anyone who would like to enter the competition. This competition offers people with diverse work commitments the opportunity to participate in a recreational and sporting activity.
Cost is $5.00 per player.
Anyone wishing to participate must have their teams registered no later than April 15, ring 5122 1860 for registration and enquiries.
The club has recently conducted two sessions of Barefoot Bowls with promising results, with further events planned.
Our Thursday night Indoor Bowls which is open to the public, is now into its 11th year and is still very popular with good attendances each week. Cost for the night is $4.00 which includes tea/coffee and a light supper. To enable team selection, people must be there by 7pm for a 7.15 pm start.
The Churchill Bowls Club is an affiliated member of West Gippsland Bowls Division, Bowls Victoria and Bowls Australia, and will commence pennant competition in Division 6, in October 2017.
Our Executive committee is as follows – President W. Brown, Vice President H. Kennedy, Secretary S. Turner, Treasurer, V. Hargreaves, Committee members, K. Turpin, S. Burrows, A. Van Den Ham, G. Thompson, F. Harris, M. Murphy.
Any enquiries please ring 5122 1860.
Until next month good bowling.