Churchill Lions Club

Regrettably the Churchill Lions Club has had to make the hard call to finish up our monthly Community Market due to poor stall holder attendances and poor public attendances.
We have struggled to keep the market afloat this year, especially early on in the year when we needed to cancel the market due to high winds, the next market was on an extreme heat day keeping people away, the next market it rained. Each time stall holders stayed away as did the public and it just got worse from there.
For the Lions Club our objective for the market has always been to give the communities of the Churchill and wider district a market that provides an atmosphere that builds on our sense of community. Where people can gather, meet, shop in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere while having the opportunity to purchase local products and produce from a vast array of vendors. Also to assist many local craft producers and processors to sell their goods direct to the public near their source of origin, creating economic and affordable benefits to both the market participants and to the residents of and the visitors to the local Churchill community.
Unfortunately, when stall holders don’t commit to attending each month, people stay away.
To all our loyal stallholders who turned up every week regardless - thank you for your support.
To all the people who provided their free time or provided services such as: live music and Jumping Castle, as well Keith and the crew from FM107.4 - thank you. A special thank you must go to the Churchill Hotel management who allowed us to use the carpark for the market but also the use of its amenities for the public to use. With their help we would not have been able to run the market.
We have worked hard to run the market and make it work to give Churchill something special each month.
Lions Members put in hours of their time to make the market work but it was not to be and Churchill has lost just that little bit more.
The Lions Club has not given up the idea of a market in Churchill but we need time to think and find a different angle but, regardless what markets we run - we need the support of the Churchill community, we need the people of Churchill to support it because ultimately that’s who we do it for - you the community.
On a brighter note the Churchill Lions Club held its Changeover dinner recently at the Churchill Hotel and installed Geoff Brick as its new President to lead the Club for the next year. Geoff has been with the Club for 21 years, serving the club previously as President in 2009/2010 and 2015/2016 as well as Secretary and holding many other positions.
Geoff has been involved in many of the Clubs major projects over the years, bringing a wealth of experience as President and will serve the Club well.
Over the last month or so the Club has been busy with a number of functions which included catering for the Model Railway Exhibition at Kernot Hall. We have also been helping out feeding the hungry BlazeAid people, who are repairing fencing and other things for people affected by the summer fire
The Club has welcomed a number of new members into the Club over the past year and is always looking for new members.
For information on Lions or if you want to join or just want to keep up with the Lions Club of Churchill & District news and activities, please visit our Facebook page which is always being updated with news of our Club and its activities.