Tour for a Cure

Geoff Coombes is passionate about raising awareness of cancer, preventative measures and raising funds to find a cure.
Geoff was raised in a family culture of giving back.
He also loves adventure and after a cycling ride across the United States of America he decided that would be the way to achieve a good outcome.
So in 2007, he gathered together some good people who became as passionate as himself in the desire to achieve his goals. Each year since then this group of people has taken an annual bike ride to raise the funds and spread the word across Victorian regions.
So it was that the riders with their amazing support crew arrived at Lumen Christi Primary School on March 27 at 9am on their way to Inverloch.
They had progressed from Mt. Hotham and were going to Tasmania, a nine day ride over 1300kms.
Geoff addressed the school assembled in the Eco Centre.
There he asked if anyone knew about cancer. Many hands were raised. He then explained that cancer is inside our bodies as sick cells which can multiply, which is bad. He reassured the children that you cannot catch cancer. The good news is that one in three cancers can be prevented if we stay healthy, fit and happy.
Geoff introduced Superhero Flipman who encouraged us to be fit and exercise, be healthy and eat healthy foods especially fruit and vegetables, and be happy by being with friends, laughing at jokes listening, doing homework etc.
Geoff asked the children if they knew someone with cancer.
He encouraged them to write a letter, say hello, give them some flowers and show that you care and know they are having a hard time.
The next character introduced was Pitman, an unhealthy looking person. He is the little voice inside us telling us to make the wrong choices. We need to learn to ignore him and stay healthy, fit and happy.
Each child received a pencil case with some goodies inside. A bicycle was also donated to the school to use for a fund-raiser prize.
Each participant is required to raise a minimum of $12,000 over a four month intensive period. They must exhibit training and commitment.
Most take time off work to complete the tour.
The support crew of 40-50 consists of doctors, masseurs, mechanics, cooks, laundry duty, hydrating the riders, driving the truck and so on.
Over the years since 2007, $30 million has been raised and many children and adults have been given the message that the Lumen Christi children received so well.