Shop Churchill Local

Churchill & District Community Association (CDCA) is partnering with the Churchill & District News to encourage local residents to shop here at our Churchill businesses. You may have noticed the “Be a Churchill local – shop local” logo that appeared on the front page of the News last month!
We are going to conduct a campaign to encourage people to shop locally and in the coming months, we hope to be offering ‘incentives’, such as prizes and give-aways, for those who do their shopping in Churchill.
We have met with a number of our local traders to discuss some ideas about marketing, cross-promotion, incentives and prizes for ‘lucky’ local shoppers. It’s our aim to partner with and support, our Churchill businesses to encourage a more localised spend.
While we are currently focussing on the retail stores in the town centre, we would be pleased to include other businesses operating from a Churchill location. Contact Margaret Guthrie CDCA on 0407 876 443 or email if you would like to discuss how your business could be involved in this campaign.
As we develop the promotion of and incentives for this campaign, we’ll keep readers informed via the News. It is likely we will also be displaying some promotional material in and around our shopping centre, so keep a look out for the “Be a Churchill Local – shop local” logo!
CDCA is also working with a number of community groups and stakeholder representatives to address some issues and build some more community spirit.
We are continuing to talk to the Mirboo North community bank branch of Bendigo Bank about opening an agency in Churchill. We are also continuing to look at options to ensure that Hazelwood House remains as an occupied facility in the future, even if Benetas does abandon Churchill.
We also think that it is high time something was done about that eyesore that used to be the petrol station on the corner of Acacia Way, so we are planning a community campaign to tackle United and get it cleaned up.
CDCA has a number of small Working Groups planning our actions on these matters, which includes people not previously involved with our organisation. This is enabling us to link with, support and partner with where appropriate, other community groups.
We have a long-standing relationship with the Churchill News and more recently we have been better connected to the Churchill Neighbourhood Centre. Our Recycling Project partnership is a good example of how, when community groups work together, good things happen. Our latest initiative – the recycling of old x-ray films – is really taking off!
Currently, we are exploring our next proposed partnership with Churchill ‘Active Kids’. This project aims to promote the extensive range of sporting clubs in Churchill that provide opportunities for young people to participate in. As a partner organisation, we stand a better chance of securing funding for free ‘Come & Try’ events, junior clubs’ expos, demonstration days, etc.
Representatives from CDCA have also recently met with the new Churchill Campus Manager, Ms Leigh Kennedy, at Federation University. We discussed a number of ideas around more engagement between the campus and the town, centring on some actions and events that would encourage more ‘mixing’ between the town and university.
All being well, Leigh will be guest speaker at CDCA’s Annual General Meeting which will be held at 7pm on Tuesday October 8. A formal notice of our AGM will appear in the September issue of the News.
If you’d like to meet Leigh and hear about the development of the new campus master plan, you would be most welcome. CDCA meetings are open to all Churchill and district residents. (Note that formal voting on decisions and elections are only open to CDCA members).
CDCA meets at 7pm on the second Tuesday of every second month – our last meeting was held on August 13 and our next meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday October 8, (venue to be advised next issue). Another regular CDCA meeting is planned for December 10.
More information about CDCA can be found on our website: or email Find us on Facebook – search for Churchill District Community Association - and leave a message, or write to us at PO Box 191, Churchill.