Sculptures at Yinnar

A very successful sculpture exhibition was held recently in Yinnar.
The display ran from April 2 till May 27.
The main street of Yinnar was converted into an outdoor gallery with 17 pieces along the road side with another five displayed in the gardens.
The ‘arc’ housed a further 40 exhibits including those of Artist in Residence, Kazumi Tanaka.
The mediums used by the various artists included ceramic, metal, wood, paint and glass.
The winner of the best exterior prize was Aldo Bilotta for his piece entitled “Emoji” created in aluminium and bronze.
The winner of the award for best interior piece was Andrew Bryant.
His exhibit was entitled “Regenerate” and used stainless steel, copper and wood in its construction.
Patrons to the exhibit were asked to vote for their favourite exhibit and the prize for this was won by Pip Nikodemski for her “Layers of Woman” made in wood.
Nicole Allen was one of the main organisers of the exhibition.
Her Sculpture, “Johnnie be good” sits outside the Yinnar Hotel.
The Community Association is hoping to arrange finance to purchase this piece so that it can remain in the town.
They are also looking at the possibility of retaining some of the kangaroos entitled “The Yinnar Mob” which were created by David Doyle.