Positive Outlook

Some might be thinking that KFC’s departure from Churchill is a sad loss, but what a great solution to a serious litter problem it’s proved to be!
Our streets, parks and car-parks are so much cleaner now that we are rid of KFC wrappers and leftovers scattered around the town.
Churchill provides a variety of takeaway and dine-in options for residents; whether it’s lunch in one of our cafes, dinner in the hotel or at the Chinese Restaurant or your choice of takeaway fish and chips, pizza, noodles, pies, roasts, hamburgers – lots of options!
The announcement of the closure of our Commonwealth Bank branch came as a shock, but many regional towns have faced a similar scenario and survived, even thrived.
CDCA is talking to the Mirboo North Community Bendigo Bank about providing services in Churchill.
Wouldn’t it be great if our community could enjoy some of the ‘banking profits’ like the communities of Mirboo North and Boolarra do? Without a Commonwealth Bank branch (which does not share profits with the local community), we might just be seeing the door open to more funding being made available to local community groups.
At our last CDCA meeting, which was well attended by local residents concerned about the Benetas decision to close Hazelwood House, a Working Group was established to keep the issue ‘live’.
All is not lost, even though the Federal Dept of Health has advised that they “cannot intervene in the business operations of an approved provider” (i.e. the responsible Govt department cannot stop the bed transfer).
Whilst Benetas is free to continue executing their plans to move residents to Dalkeith House in Traralgon, this doesn’t mean that we can’t have an aged care facility in Churchill.
We’ve been advised that Council has a Caveat on the facility that means it must be used for aged care – it can’t just be sold off to the highest bidder and bull-dozed.
We’re asking Benetas what they plan to do with the facility once they vacate – perhaps they’d be prepared to lease it to another Provider (a rather more viable prospect than outright purchase).
Benetas has said they’re “open to all possibilities”, so this is an option worth following up!
Many small towns face challenges as businesses come and go, but the evidence shows that, when communities work together, small towns can, and do, thrive.
CDCA is talking to the Churchill & District News about a ‘Shop in Churchill’ campaign to support our local retailers and small businesses.
If local residents spend their money in Churchill, our shopping centre will continue to provide the goods and services we need.
Who knows, if the shops are busy and the car-parks are full, we might just attract some new businesses to fill our vacant shops.
A couple of vacant shops in a town can be viewed as opportunities for new ventures – it does no-one good if we view a couple of vacancies as a portent of doom and gloom.
CDCA has a number of projects we’re getting on with; one is our Recycling Project in partnership with the Neighbourhood Centre and the Churchill News.
Now residents can take their old x-ray films to the Hub and drop them in the box for recycling, along with printer ink cartridges, clean used aluminium foil, old bras, household batteries, mobile phones and P5 plastics.
We’re also thinking about a new art project in Churchill we may be able to initiate – too soon to be detailing just yet. Another art project was done in Mathison Park last year; have you seen it on the walking circuit?
The number of public art works in Churchill is steadily increasing over time, making our town even more interesting and attractive.
Federation University’s Churchill site has a new Campus Manager – Leigh Kennedy.
Leigh has agreed to be guest speaker at a forthcoming CDCA meeting (date to be decided but likely August or October).
This will be a great opportunity for locals to meet Leigh and hear about her plans (and Fed Uni’s) for the Churchill campus. We’ll post the date to our website and Facebook page as soon as it’s confirmed.
CDCA meets at 7pm on the second Tuesday of every second month – our next meeting will be on Tuesday August 13 in the Board Room at Gippsland Enterprise Centre, McDonald Way.
More information about CDCA can be found on our website: www.cdca.org.au or email info@cdca.org.au Find us on Facebook – search for Churchill District Community Association - and leave a message, or write to us at PO Box 191, Churchill.