Mathison Park

Mathison Park is a huge area and we have fantastic help from the Council team for mowing on the western side and from the Community Corrections teams on the east side, and from two folks who do weed spraying and mowing on the eastern side. Thanks heaps Jim and Tim.
However this is not enough to keep the park in good running order. The committee and friends has reduced to about five to seven people, all of whom are not available all year round.
We need more helpers at working bees. We need more people on the committee to help plan the ongoing development of the park.
It is such a wonderful asset for Churchill and the surrounding areas, it would be tragic to see it go to rack and ruin after so much excellent work has been done.
So many people enjoy walking through the park. Lots comment to us at working bees about how nice the park is looking and what a good job we have done, but are not prepared to offer some help. They say they have plenty to do at home. Those attending the working bees also have lots to do at home, but they can see that a few hours once a month will help maintain this special place in Churchill.
Please consider offering to help. We need people with a trailer and 4WD vehicle which can go through the grassed areas to take away cut up and fallen branches. We need people trained in chainsaw use to cut up the longer branches for transport. We need people willing to help load the trailers and unload them at our piles. We need people to help plant and mulch our beds. We need people to weed and whipper snip around our hundreds of new plants. We need people who are good at writing grant applications for funding of new projects in the park.
At the last working bee some of these tasks were carried out in the time available by five adults and two hard working grandchildren. A lot of the work was able to be carried out because Ray was able to come for a couple of hours and do some chainsawing. Thanks Ray. That said we won’t have Ray each time, so a trained chainsaw operator is still required.
Being a member of the volunteers of Mathison Park gives you opportunities to further your skills and knowledge. Latrobe City provides training in areas such as First Aid, OH&S etc along with annual Volunteer Social Events such as Movie and Munchie days, Christmas parties etc.
Thank you to the Council crew in Churchill
This is a good opportunity to thank the Churchill Latrobe Council crew for all the splendid work they do in Mathison Park keeping the grass down and cutting carefully around our new trees on the Tramway Road side. In Churchill we also have many other parks and reserves which are kept in good order due to the crew. It is a huge task and hard work. A few words of encouragement to them would be most gratefully accepted.
A special thank you
A special thank you is extended to Dave, who with his trusty ute, has attended working bees for many years and helped to clean up and transport our rubbish, plants trees, weed and mulch and all the other things we have to do. Dave has moved away. We will miss his cheerful smile and greeting along with his super effort. Thank you Dave. Best wishes for the future from us all.